My work description could be rephrased is one word: Authentic.

As a Publicist/Photographer my experience have let me see the potential though the people and the brands. Each of them has their own personality and has to be treated as unique. I like to be envolved with the costumers and hear from them what their needs are and what are they looking for with the pictures. After a brainstorming session, I feel ready to create the studio and put on images all the concept.

Basically I focus my work in portraits and products. I like commercial photography, it let me combine the two aspects of my career: the love for images and the marketing tools. I’m passionate about portraying people, products, food and moments too!I have been working in social events, weddings, baby showers,  I can be the perfect photographer to cover a social event, I can blend my self with many types of people, with my personality I can easily introduce and engage with the crowd; But definitely, I prefer to work in a studio, more focused, more creative and developing my own signature.



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